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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 21...

I started the day well and then went nuts.  I think I got out of control because I had already decided to skip my WW meeting because I am still pretty sick.  I made homemade pizza for lunch which was a good idea until I had to have more than my original reasonable serving.  By the time dinner came around I really wasn't feeling well.  My throat was on fire from coughing all day and I wanted something cold and soothing.  I opted for a chocolate shake.  I also had a few chicken nuggets, and a chicken quesadilla that was so spicy it didn't even taste good...why do I even do that sometimes???  Just keep eating just to eat???

Oh well...$h!t happens!  I was up 2 pounds this is was it is.  Being sick for over a week has taken its toll, especially since my kids and hubby were sick too, and now my mom is sick with the same thing....and I am still not 100%!

I woke up this morning, logged my weight gain in the DietBet game, and will carry on.  I have a fresh new balance of weeklies and I tracked my breakfast.  This week I have got to feel better, and I will eat better to get the scale to go down by next Saturday!

I have tons of laundry and housework to get done, so I better get at it!  I did not earn any activity pp this week beyond Saturday...I am determined to get better and back on track...1 rough week is not going to get me off track!

Day 21...Not so great...Day 22...going to be much better!

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