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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Days 31 ~ 33...

This week has been super busy!  My daughter's track practice started Monday night and she is sore but doing awesome!  I am taking advantage and walking at her practices which gets me a 60-90 minute walk...woo hoo!  I met two new to track moms and they are both excited to walk and talk rather than just sit and talk...even when they don't walk, I will still walk on my own.

Last night I actually RAN the bleachers...RAN them!  The track team drill is to run up the stairs, run across the top, walk down the stairs, and then run across the bottom.  I ran most of the time on the straights and zipped up the stairs like I knew what I was doing...I could hardly believe I was doing it!  Another thing I noticed was that I was able to walk faster and breathe slower compared to last year when I would walk at her even though the scale hasn't moved much, my stamina has improved!

Tonight is night 4 and the last night of practice this week.  I am going to get a good walk in tomorrow morning to get a good start on activity for the day.  Another bonus is we have been eating an early light dinner and I have not been hungry, or eating, when we get home at 8pm!

Because I struggled so much last year trying to change my WW meeting times for Sat track meets, and now I have my parents to drive around and take care of, I decided to switch my membership to online only.  I still have a few more weeks to go to meetings before the meets start and I am already paid up anyway.  The difference in price will still allow me to keep my ActiveLink subscription and pay for the gym too!  I am so excited to get back to the gym...Monday spin class will be my first day.  I had to join this week to get the monthly special, but I didn't want to overdo and get sick again so I will start next week.

So much to do today...still working on my eats, but making progress everyday!

Onto Day 34...

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