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Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 34...

Yesterday went so fast, I had way too much to do, but got quite a bit of it done!  When my daughter got home from school, we had a quick snack and I had a chance to sit and put my feet up for about a half hour.  After our snack, we put laundry away, picked up around the house, and got started on homework.  She got it done quickly and then she and my mom had a light dinner.  I had snacked too much throughout the day and decided not to eat. 

Right before we left for track practice, my daughter told me her tummy hurt.  I think it was due to being tired and not drinking enough water after school.  She said she would try her best and she did.  I walked around the track a few times and then stayed with her while she was doing the drills.  Even though I didn't get too much walking in, I still managed to earn 8 activity pp for the day. 

When we got home I fixed her a light snack and then had to go back to the school to get my son.  He was at an away track meet and PR'd in Discus...PR stands for personal record, and when you "PR", you beat your own personal record.  He threw the discus 7 feet further, throwing 93 feet!  His goal is to throw 100 and he has made fast progress this year considering the season just started a few months ago and he ended last season throwing in the 70's!

When I got home I was super tired and feeling "eaty".  I had a few bites of the Milanesa I had made for my husband and then decided to drink water and eat a banana.  I fixed his dinner, and some for my daughter, and then she and I were off to bed!

Track for both kids has thrown our schedule way off, but I think we are getting the hang of it. 

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