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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Days 49 & 50 & Weigh In...

Yesterday was a long day.  My daughter had the day off from school so she went with me to take my mom to the chiropractor and to get her hair cut.  By the time we were finished it was past lunch and we were beyond hungry.  We decided to go to a Japanese place near the hair shop...the service was horrifically slow, but I liked the food.  I had miso soup, teriyaki chicken, salad with the best dressing ever, and 4 pieces of a California roll.  My daughter and I shared, but she didn't like the teriyaki sauce so she ate the rice and the spring roll.  I would for sure go back, but probably by myself since my daughter and mom weren't impressed...I think they would have rather gone to McDonalds!

After lunch we dropped my mom off at home and ran a few errands.  I got some new walking shoes for me and a shirt for my daughter at Kohls for $ 41...including tax...full price would have been $ 96 !  I made homemade pizza for dinner and my hubby, the neighbor, and I finished working on the garage.  If it were my choice, I would empty it out totally, deep clean, put up new drywall, paint, fix the floor, and make it nice.  My dad would rather leave it as it is...35 years of dirt and unused bits and pieces.  My mom was thinking about putting up some ceiling fans with lights in the living room...she was ready to send me to the store until she talked to my dad and he talked her out of it...he always does that and it frustrates me to no end!  Needless to say it was an eaty night because I was super over tired and frustrated...not a good combination!

This morning my daughter and I got to the track for time trials early.  My husband and the neighbor went to set up the e-z up tent in the bleachers so we could have shade.  I pulled tags at the finish line and handed out water.  It was super hot and all the kids did great!  Even with SPF 50, I still got daughter did not because when she was not on the field or track she was under our shady tent with my walking buddy.  We were home by noon, I made lunch, and then I went to take a nap.  I got woken up once by my mom and once by my daughter and then decided to give up and get up.  I made dinner which I didn't eat much of, and I am ready to get back in bed again.  My eats were not 100% and I did use 16 weeklies, but I tracked 100%...that is my goal to focus on this simply TRACK...even if I go over my dailies and weeklies.  I want to get back into the habit of tracking 100% and not conveniently forgetting to do it once breakfast is done.  My plan is to make tracking 100% a "routine" or habit and once I have that down I will focus on not going over my weeklies.  I have got activity down for sure...last week I earned 54pp and I missed my Zumba class because my daughter was sick.

This morning was supposed to be my last WW meeting, but I didn't have enough time to go before track so I weighed in at home.  I was up 2 pounds from last week which brings my total lost to 2 pounds.  Considering my chaotic life and lack of routine I am happy that I am still down from when I recommitted 50 days ago.  Once I get tracking back to a habit and get my eating under control, I should be back on track....Progress...not perfection!

Onto Day 51...

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