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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 36 & Weigh in...

I don't know what was going on with the WW scale today, but it seemed that everyone lost less than they expected, myself included.  According to my scale, I lost about 1 1/2 pounds...according to the WW scale, I lost .4!  Oh well, a loss is a loss and I will take it especially since this week was not one of my best!

My husband didn't have work this morning, but did have plans to help the neighbor.  He woke up when I did and instead of getting up and getting in the shower, I took the rare opportunity to lay in bed a little longer and converse with my hubby.  I made it to the meeting, but not early enough to walk.  I decided it was ok since I had plans for a busy and active day anyway.  Sometimes I miss my husband, even when he is home because we are so tired and or busy.

Today I told my WW leader that I only have 2 more meetings until I switch to online until Track season is over.  She is concerned that I will not do well which in turn made me concerned.  I really want to shock everyone when I go back in three months by losing enough that it can be seen.  Quite a few members told me how much they will miss me while I am gone and called me "the heart and sole of our meeting group"...I like to participate and apparently it is appreciated!  I really love our group, leader, and meetings, but I know this is the right decision for me this year as last year really threw me off track trying to go to different meetings and never feeling as good as I do with our original group.

I spent some time with my 3-Month tracker this morning after the meeting and wrote many things down, made stickies for exercise and dinners, and really took time to reflect on how I have been doing program and what changes I want to make going forward.  I know that getting more exercise in to include the gym, morning walks, and walking at Track practice will help me alot, and I really need to focus on my food choices and tracking.  If I have to write reminders 100 times and put them in 100 places, I will if that's what is takes!

My daughter and I had a great day out.  We went to the library, the bank, took my mom's sewing machine to get repaired, went to Joanns, went to lunch at Claim Jumpers, and went to the mall.  We spent all day getting in and out of the car and walking.  So far I have earned 4 activity pp...I think maybe we weren't walking fast enough, but it still counts as activity!  For lunch my daughter had the kids ribs and I had the salad bar.  I chose veggies, cottage cheese, turkey, and fruit.  I did not have any bacon bits, croutons, dressing, or creamy pasta salads.  I was so proud of my choices that I didn't even miss the "pointier" foods I didn't choose!  After a few hours of walking around the mall we had frozen yogurt for a snack.  I had the guy weigh it twice so I could get the amount I wanted and count the pp.  The only topping I had was 1 peanut M & M and it was enough.  A few hours later we made it to Target...the last stop of the day.  We finished there and got some drinks, beef jerkey, and popcorn for the ride home.  I asked for 2 bags 1/2 full and ended up only eating 1/2 of that which made it 1/4 of a full bag.  The beef jerkey was in sticks to it was easy to count and track. 

When we got home we picked up my son, unloaded the car, and I made "Dorito" tacos for dinner.  I weighed and tracked everything and my pp worked out exactly...I used exactly my dailies and not even 1 weekly...woo hoo! I  have eaten so much fruit and veggies and drank so much water throughout the day that I am super satisfied and know I will not have the need to "pick" when I make my hubby's dinner later tonight.  It is really amazing how much food you can get out of your pp when you choose the right ones!

Off to put away laundry and put my feet has been a long, but good, day!

Day 36...Success!

Onto Day 37...

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