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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Days 55 ~ 58 & Weigh In

By the end of the night yesterday, I earned 14 activity pp!  I really love that I have someone nice to talk to while I walk at my daughter's track practice...the times goes sooo fast!  This morning the scale was the same as yesterday even with my extra eats.  On Saturday I was 230.5, Sunday 228.5, Monday 228.5, Tuesday 228.5, Wednesday & today 227.  I feel good about my activity, tracking, water intake, and most of my eats. 

This morning I decided to come back home after taking the kids to school instead of going for a walk.  I will get in a good walk tonight, so I am not worried.  I made taco meat for tonight's dinner, cut up onions and tomatoes, did the dishes, took my daughter to the doctor for a recheck of her ear which is good thankfully, took my daughter back to school, and now it is 10am.  I am off to take my mom the dentist and hopefully make it back in time to help at my daughter's school today so I can go to Zumba tomorrow...we'll see!

The day ended well with a good walk at track practice and pretty good eats. 

Friday I made it to Zumba and was having kind of an off day.  When I fight with my dad it makes me feel my spirit is broken.  He gets over it right away and carries on.  I managed to eat fairly well, tracked everything 100% and earned 8 activity pp for the day.

Weigh In...I lost 3 pounds!!!  I was so excited!  This morning, Sunday, I am still down and weighed the same as yesterday. 

My daughter did great at her track meet yesterday and she and I stuck to what we brought to eat.  My husband ate some of the sandwiches we brought and bought a hot dog and a Coke.  When we got home we were all tired.  I took a nap and then got up to make everyone dinner.  My daughter and I had eaten when we got home and I was not hungry for dinner.  Later I was hungry and should have known better than to eat when I am so tired.  I ended up using quite a few weeklies, but I still tracked 100%.

This morning I slept in until 8am and got busy with house work.  I am on my way to drop of some items at the Goodwill,  stop by the bank, and go to Sams and Walmart. 

Days 55 ~ 59...a little eaty, a lot of activity, 100% tracked...I'm going to call them successful!

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