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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 43...Not so bueno...

Yesterday was full of chaos, frustration, and food!  I got in a 1 mile walk and since I barely sat down I earned 7 activity pp for the day!

My daughter and I had planned to have a quiet day, hang out at home, do a little grocery shopping, and buy her socks for track.  She wanted her hair curled so we sat down and got busy.  I pinned it up, curled the bottom, and as I got to the top, I found lice!  There was a girl with lice a week or so ago in her class.  The school and I both checked my daughter and didn't find any. 

I immediately went to the store and spent $ 35 on Lice shampoos...treatment and preventative.  Next time there is an outbreak at school, we will start using the preventative right away...I had never seen it before, but now I know!

We spent a few hours working on her hair...lots of combing and 4 showers later, I thought we got it all.  Her scalp was very dry from all of the washing, so we went over to a friend's for a second opinion.  I am almost to the end of the laundry...I sprayed and vacuumed the house and the car.  We put her beloved stuffed animals in a plastic bag, sealed them up tight, and will be able to see them again in 4 weeks...just in time for her birthday. 

I hope I got all of the lice and we don't have another round.

Yesterday was eaty in dinner time I was done eating.  A few hours later I was hungry and just had a bit to eat.  I hope someday stress, frustration, and exhaustion will no longer lead me to food...until then, I will do the best I can to control it.

Today we are going to have a lazy day and finish up laundry.  I gave my daughter another shower and will check her hair again.  Tomorrow morning when I take her to school I will take her to the office to let them know and have them check it again to make sure. 

This will be another busy week with the gym, doctor's for my parents, and track practice.  I am looking forward to the gym and my walks at practice for sure!

Onto to tackle day 44...

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