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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 51...

This morning I woke up dreading having to re-do the lice treatment on my daughter's hair.  I took everything off of the beds, sprayed all of the surfaces, and then went to get more shampoo.  I decided to go to the hair shop where I took my mom on Friday...I noticed they sold "Ladybug" lice treatment products.  I talked to the woman, she checked my hair, said I was good, and then told me if I brought my daughter she could check her hair too.  They don't do the treatment, but checking to be sure is so helpful!  I drove home and got my daughter, the hair stylist checked her hair and determined it was not lice but a form of cradle cap.  She thinks my daughter may not have had it last week either.  Oh least I know for sure that she does not have it now.  I had her wash and trim her hair since we were there anyway.  I also bought some peppermint "Ladybug" lice repellent and tipped well for all of the extra time, help, and effort. 

After we finished there, we went to WalMart to get some moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.  It was lunch time so we opted for McDonalds.  I had a Diet Coke, 5 french fries, and a grilled chicken sandwich with BBQ sauce instead of mayo.  It was good, I was satisfied, tracked it all, and was pleased with my choices. 

The morning at home did not go so well with controlled eats, but I did track 100%.  When we got home from the store, I was feeling like I did in the morning...frustrated and wanting to eat.  Again, I ate, but again, I also tracked.

I made shrimp, chicken, beef, and potato skins for dinner.  I weighed and tracked all of my food and used the rest of my weeklies.  After dinner I went to the neighbor's to find my husband, stayed for too long to talk, and then came home to make his dinner.  I ate a few small pieces of chicken, and then immediately tracked them.  I used 2pp over my weeklies.  My main goal this week is to track far, so good.  If I go over my weeklies, so be it.  I know I ate a lot less than I would have if I would not have been tracking.  Once I am back to tracking 100% faithfully on a consistent basis, then I will worry about not going over...until then...tracking is all that matters.

Tomorrow I am going to spin class, then take my mom to the chiropractor, go to the valley to drop my mom's sewing machine off for service, make dinner, help my daughter with her homework, finish laundry, walk at track practice, and mail my nieces goodie box filled with things for her new baby...a 12x12 custom photo album ready for pictures, a cute pink outfit that has a onesie, pants, and a matching bib, 4 receiving blankets that I made, a quilt my mom made, and a furry blanket that I finished today.  Needless to say it will be another long day...hopefully I can get everything done!

Day 51...Success...Over 2pp, but I earned 9 activity pp between yeaterday and today so technically I am still ahead!

Onto Day 52...

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