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Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 38...Activity - Success...Eats +/-...

My hubby and I finished our movies last night and then he went to bed.  I did the dishes, some more laundry, and my to do lists for this week. 

This morning I woke up feeling good...both physically and in good spirits!  I wish I could say the same for my mom and kids...they were tired and grumpy.  I think my son's cold has come back as he has not been feeling well since Saturday afternoon.  Luckily his cough is not back, but he is still pretty miserable.  I kept him home from school and he has slept most of the day.

He decided to go back to sleep when I took my daughter to school so I went to they gym as planned.  I got there really early and tried about 10 bikes before I finally gave up and picked the best of the worst.  I still had plenty of time before class so I walked a quick 2 miles on the treadmill.  I walked at a 4% incline and it only took my 28 minutes...woo hoo!

I went into the spin room about 5 minutes early and started slowing spinning to ease my way back into it.  To my surprise, I felt so good and was not as out of breathe as my last spin class.  I think walking has really helped with my stamina and breathing.  Half way through the class my mom called.  She had mixed up my dad's pills.  My first thought was to run home but then I regrouped had her tell me which pills she had so I knew what was missing.  We worked it out and I went back to class...sadly I missed 5 minutes of a standing climb, which I really like to do, but at least I didn't just give up and leave.

When I got home I took a quick shower and took care of my son.  I felt super rushed because I had to take my mom to the chiropractor and she was ready even though I needed a few more minutes.  I nicely asked for a few more minutes so I could make a quick batch of pizza dough so it could rise while we were gone and lunch would be quick when we got back.  Sometimes people really make me feel like I am "taking up too much of their time" when I am the one giving all of my time away...ugh!

I dropped my mom off at the chiropractor, ran a few errands, and we got home about 2 hours after we left.  I made lunch for my mom, son, and I.  I usually sit and eat at the table, but I was tired and decided to sit on the couch with my feet up and watch a recorded show.

Today has been a bit of an eaty day in spurts, but I have tracked everything and have plenty of weeklies since I didn't use many over the weekend.  I have 1 daily left so I will probably use about 10 weeklies for dinner...we'll see!

Tonight my daughter has track practice and I am going to walk.  I have already earned 8pp today and I am excited to see how many I have by the end of the day!

Day 38...Success!

Onto Day 39...

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