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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Days 16 ~ 20...So Sick!!!

Sunday morning I started getting a sore throat.  My hubby took me to a Mexican restaurant for an early Valentine's Day dinner.  I made really good choices and tracked 100%!  I had a bowl of chicken tortilla soup that had a ton of veggies and the best broth ever, a cheese enchilada that had the best sauce...I wanted to lick the plate when I was done, Diet Coke, salsa and 24 tortilla chips.   I counted out the chips and then broke them up one by one and really focused on the flavors and taking my time...I could do it all over was that good!  I had done so well with my eats that I only used a few weeklies at dinner...and by a few I mean 2...woo hoo!   When we left I felt perfect...not stuffed, not hungry, just right!

On the way home we rented a few family movies.  By the end of the second movie I really wasn't feeling well.  My throat was scratchy and on fire, my head hurt, I felt nauseous, it was awful. 

Monday morning my hubby and kids woke up feeling awful too.  I kept the kids home from school and we spent the day in bed.  I didn't even get up to eat until after noon.  My husband came home early from work...a first ever!  He has never taken sick time, not even when he hurt himself at work and needed stitches...he got stitched up and went right back to work the same day!

Tuesday was similar to Monday except my husband didn't go to work at all.  Yesterday he was back to work and since the kids and I were not getting any better, I took the three of us to Urgent Care...
$ 135 later we were told to continue the over the counter medicines we were taking.  I'm not sure why but while we were waiting for the doctor to come into the room I had an anxiety attack.  I had one many years ago when I was working way too much, but it was nothing like yesterday.  I started to feel nauseous, got the cold sweats, my vision went blurry, my arms were tingling, and then my fingers starting cramping and I couldn't control was so scary!  My son found a nurse and they gave me a shot for nausea.  About 5 minutes later, it all happened again.  They laid me down and took my blood pressure, apparently it had dropped drastically as a result of the injection.  After another 10 minutes I felt better and we left.  Since I don't know why the attacks happened, it kind of makes me nervous that it could happen again so I am trying to be calm and not worry.

I have done well tracking this week in spite of being so sick.  One night my hubby drove me to the store to get some Gatorade and we picked up pizza for dinner so I wouldn't have to cook.  It was "pointier" than my homemade pizza, but it was ready and I tracked it all.  Unlike many people, I still like to eat...even when I am sick.

My weight has gone up and down drastically since Monday...going from 227.50 to 223.50 and back up to 227.50 this morning.  Last Saturday I weighed 227 I am hoping to at least maintain by this week's weigh in although a small loss would give me a feeling of "well done, even though you were sick"!  I'm hoping it will go down a bit by Saturday.  I can't expect too much, but I certainly don't deserve to gain!

Both kids will be home until Tuesday as tomorrow and Monday are school holidays.  I hope we are back to 100% before then so we can enjoy a bit of their time off.

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