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Monday, January 2, 2012

Change of plans...

I did it...I made it back to the gym!  I was so tired when I woke up this morning, but I went anyway.  I took a spin class and even though it was hard and I am super tired...I feel quite good.  Once I took a shower I felt recharged and ready to take on the day.  I didn't realize how much I missed going to the gym, and I am thankful for my time there every time I go.

My fabulous husband spent his last day off making me a shelf for my scrapbook paper.  I am so lucky to have such a willing and capable husband.  Tomorrow I need to clean up my craft area before he gets home so he can see how I put his hard work to use.  We had planned to go to the movies today, but then he decided he would rather finish what he was doing and go to the movies next week.

My daughter and I went to Joann's Fabrics to find some variegated embroidery floss...I wish our Joann's was a super store because many times we cannot find what we are looking for.  Since we cancelled the movies, my daughter and I took a quick road trip to the nearest super store and found exactly what we were looking for and it was 50% off to an additional 10% our total purchase!  We planned on going to Souplantation, but it was closed.  We decided on TGIFridays.  I had water with lemon and sweet n low.  I forgot how much I like to drink is like lemonade, but not as puckery or sweet...and it is free (pp & $$)!  Molly and I shared shrimp cocktail...super good and super low pp.  I asked for nutritional info, but all they had was calorie counts.  After I ordered I found the nutritional info online on my phone.  The turkey burger that I ordered turned out to be a whopping 32 pp!  A bun, a piece of lettuce, a slice of tomato, and a turkey on earth could it be so many pp!?!?!  I tried to change my order, but it was already in process.  I ate the lettuce, tomato, and 3/4 of the turkey with a bit of BBQ sauce.  As I am typing this, I still cannot figure how it was so many pp.  I just looked at a few other websites and found nutritional information that seemed much more realistic and worked out to be only 11pp.  Maybe I will send an e-mail or comment to ask them for the true info?!?    

After lunch we rushed home to try our new thread.  Since my new embroidery machine is also a sewing machine, I gave my daughter my old machine.  Today she wanted to try it out, but I figured she is too short to see the machine and push the foot pedal at the same time so I let her use mine.  It has a push start and stop button and a speed switch.  She is only 7 years old but is quite talented and a very quick learner.  I gave her a few fabric scraps to choose from and she designed a small quilt for her stuffed bunny.  She sewed and ironed the seems and even did some of the pinning.  I will post pictures tomorrow once it is quilted.

During lunch I found out we were going to meet my brother and his wife for dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  I was not thrilled since we had already eaten out once today, but my mom can't drive the freeway, or in the dark, and I knew she wanted to go so we went.  I had Diet Coke, water, chicken tortilla soup, some chips and salsa, and a salad with "fork-dipped" ranch.  It really is amazing how little I use when I dip my fork rather than pouring it on!  Not realizing how big my bowl of soup would be I ordered potato skins to share with my daughter.  She is 1/2 Mexican but does not like many Mexican foods.  I ended up eating only a bite of the bacon and cheese from the potatoes and we brought the rest home.  When I got home I calculated my meal the best I could.  I have used all of my weeklies and a few of my activity pp.  I am not upset, and will work hard to exercise everyday this week.  I plan to go for a good walk tomorrow and Wednesday, Miami Mama on Thursday, Zumba on Friday, and walk to and from the WW meeting on Saturday.  All of that activity should get me a good number on the scale...we'll see!


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