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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No Walk, but surely some physical activity...

So I missed my walk today because I didn't realize it would take me as long as it did to do everything else today.  I think it is best, for me anyway, to get exercise done and taken care of first thing in the morning before anything else takes its time slot!  In spite of not leaving the house all day, I did get in a lot of activity and I did stay within my daily pp target.  Several times throughout the day I was tempted to eat, but I refrained.  When I am tired, and frustrated it is even harder for me to not eat mindlessly, but I must say I did really well today...yeah me!

I decided to put school off for one more day...I will definitely get working on it tomorrow.  I knew that if I didn't finish what I started today I wouldn't be very focused on school.  My daughter and I went through all of her clothes and toys...donated some and organized the rest.  I love clean, open, organized spaces!  After her stuff was taken care of I moved onto my desk.  I went through old receipts and paperwork and I feel so much better with a clean desk surface.  Next on my tackle list was my crafting area.  I did get everything organized and created a huge donate pile.  Much of my scrapbook supplies were given to me and although I have used a lot of them, I think it is time to pay it forward and let someone else enjoy some goodies.  I filled my new paper shelf that my hubby made me, but I still have to go through all of the paper and decide what stays and what goes.  I also made a place for my new Cricut Expression seems so huge compared to my Cricut Create, and I have to read the manual and learn how to use it, but I know I will enjoy it!

Tomorrow will start with a walk...I think just around the neighborhood, and then Molly and I are off for a mini road trip to take my mom's friend to the doctor.  I am going to go to the grocery in the morning to pick up some more fruit so we have some good snacks to take with us.

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