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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years!'s here...2012...a new year full of hope and promise.

Yesterday I played with the new embroidery sewing machine my fabulous, and talented, sister-in-law sent me for Christmas.  I have never received such a gift and to be honest I am still in shock!  Last night we went to my husband's cousin's to visit his cousin and my mother-in-law.  Yes...the dog is still I did not try to pet him.  I stayed inside, he stayed outside, and that is that.  My suegra (mother-in-law) made tamales...some with chicken and veggies, some with pork and mole, and some with swiss chard and cheese.  By the time dinner was ready, about 8pm, I was starving.  I should know better to eat before we go, or at least bring some snacks, because we always tend to eat late when we go there.  I ate some cheese while waiting for the tamales, and then I ate 2 1/2 of the chard and cheese tamales...they were so good!  I figured the pp values as best as I could.

Today was super busy...I took all of the Christmas decorations down and my husband and I emptied, moved, and rearranged boxes in the shed.  I helped my mom clean out one of the hall closets...I was shocked she actually agreed to get rid of some things.  I love open space and love to get rid of nonsense that has no purpose.  I ate fairly well, drank plenty of water, and got in a ton of activity.  I am so excited that I still have 11 weeklies left and I counted every single bite, lick, and taste yesterday and today.  I feel like I am finally back in my WW groove.  My hand is still tender, but I am going to try spinning tomorrow.  I have only been away from the gym for a week and a half, but I feel like it has been months!

Tomorrow is another day of "winter / spring cleaning".  We are going to to take a break in the afternoon and take the kids and my mom to see the Chipmunk movie.  My break from school is done today, so I will be back to it tomorrow night.  The kids are still out of school through the 17th so I will have to fit in some fun with them between my school and going to the gym.

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