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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Weigh in...

This morning I walked to the meeting, which was the first time since my mom joined a few months ago.  I forgot how much I enjoy walking outside, and how much I enjoy the walk to and from the meeting.  It gives me time to get in some activity as well as reflect on the past week and make plans for the new week ahead.

I was up 5.2 pounds this week, the most I have gained in one week since I joined.  I feel like this past week was the longest WW week I have gone through, and I have no intention of repeating it.  Day 1 I got bit by the dog, ate creamy pasta without even thinking once much less twice!  Day 2 I whacked my head on the cabinet door, cooked Christmas dinner with one hand, and ate more sweets than usual.  Days 3 & 4 included included hand and head pain and more sweets and eating out without making many healthier choices.  Day 5 was another long day full of not WW friendly choices.  Day 6...more of the same nonsense.  Day 7...much better than the previous days, but still not within my daily pp target, and still no intentional exercise.  Every single choice I make, whether it be good or bad makes a difference in my success...or lack thereof.

This week I am ready to get back to my old WW self...the self who tried hard, worked hard, and lost 76 pounds in 2011!  Even though the last few months have not been super fabulous, I cannot forget that I am still starting 2012 much lighter than I started 2011.  I cannot forget how hard I worked for those 76 pounds, or how hard I need to work to lose 76 more.

My 1st weight loss goal of 2012 is to lose 100 pounds by February 1 year WW anniversary.  I have 56 days to lose 24 pounds, and I totally think that I can do it.

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