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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Best intentions...

Today was a super busy day...Zumba...tons of shopping...dinner...and my son's Cross Country award ceremony.  We ate dinner before we left, but I didn't realize we would be there so long.  We did not finish until 9:30pm, which is super late for us to be out.  The kids were starving since we had eaten dinner around 5pm and it was fairly light.  I had a good day eating and dinner finished up the last of my daily pp.  I was satisfied, but by the time we were on our way home, I too was hungry...physically hungry, not just my mind or my mouth wanting to eat.  My son's choice...In N Out.  Except for water, there really is nothing pp worthy on the menu, unless it is Saturday and I have a fresh batch of weeklies on hand!  I ended up having two bites of my son's burger and some of his animal fries.  I was truly hungry, although I am sure I would have survived if I had waited until I got home to have a healthier snack.

I AM NOT giving up on WW, or my weight loss journey.  This week has been different than any other for me since I have been on WW, and I do not like how I feel at all.  I feel like I have lost my groove, and I am no longer in total control.  I am really looking forward to this week's meeting, not the weigh in for sure, but definitely the introduction of the PointsPlus 2012 plan.  I know it will not be drastically different from the current plan, but I think it is going to be just different enough to give me the extra motivation that I need to carry on.  I am eager to read the new material guides, and I think I might even buy a new calculator because I have heard it has bigger buttons.

Tomorrow is a new day which will start with walking and a Miami Mama class.  I have no extras tomorrow, and I will stay within my dailies.  Friday night I am going to take my kids to a reunion to see some of my old coworkers.  We are meeting at a restaurant, but we are going to eat before we go.  I will have water, and that is it.  I will be so busy talking to people that food will not be an issue.  I really don't want to turn a few bad days into a week worth of them.  Even though I know I am going to see a gain on Saturday, I want to make every effort to make it as small as possible.  I have two days to go, I better make them count!

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