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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kale & Laughing Cow...

For some reason I have not tried baked kale or Laughing Cow cheese until today...they are both super tasty and super WW friendly!  I baked the kale Hungry Girl style and we ate the cheese with Ritz crackers.  I was glad that neither of food was an acquired taste.  Some foods I have tried because they are healthy, or healthier, have taken me a few tries and lots of convincing myself that I like them.  I was amazed at how good they both were, and the best part is that both of my kids like them too!  Sometimes one of the two will like new things, but very rarely do they both like the same thing!

Today was busy, as most of my days are.  I woke up early to start laundry and housework.  We moved a bit of furniture around to make room for the tree.  Last year we threw out our fake tree and bought a real one.  This year we have a real one is gorgeous, huge, and smells fabulous!  I have school to work on, and we are going to decorate later tonight.  It has been a few hours since this post and I have managed to get dinner done, but the tree is still naked.  My son worked so hard to put the lights on the tree and then decided he needed to trim a few addition to cutting a branch, he cut right through the light wire.  Needless to say I will have to get some new lights and put them on least he did take off the dead ones!  Happy Holidays!

I can hardly believe that Christmas is only a few weeks away!  Yesterday I got the majority of our gifts wrapped, and this coming week is my last of school until the New Year.  I will be super busy next week focusing on baking, helping at my daughter's school, and finishing everything up for the holidays.

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