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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

...can't forget about me...

I can hardly believe Christmas has been here and gone.  This past week has been rough, and I need to remind myself that I can't forget about me as I certainly do not forget about anyone else!

Christmas Eve we went to my husband's cousin's house and during an instant of stupidity I opened the sliding glass door and stuck my hand out to pet his new dog and got bit instead of welcomed.  Thankfully I was smart enough to tell my kids to stand back inside, and I had quick enough reflexes to take my hand back and close the door.  The bite happened so fast, but was quite effective...he even bit my pretty blue glittered nail right off and was crunching on it as I was trying to figure out what had just happened on the other side of the door.  After rinsing my throbbing hand under cold water, we decided to go to the ER to make sure it was ok.  About an hour and a half and $ 100 later, I was free to go with 5 band-aids, pain medicine, antibiotics, Benydryl, and no stitches.  Best part of the trip...finding out that I am allergic to iodine after it was shot directly into one of the holes in my hand and my hand swelling up like a freakish rubber glove being filled with jello.  To counteract the reaction, they proceeded to squirt the biggest bottle I have ever seen worth of clear something or other into the same wound and then try to squeeze out what they had put in...I think that ordeal hurt more than the actual bite itself...

Once we got back to the cousin's we had pork and creamy pasta for dinner...I was still in shock and was not even paying attention to what or how much I was eating...looking back I probably had about 2 cups worth of pasta and who knows what was in the sauce?!?!

Christmas morning was good...the kids, my husband, mom, and dad were all pleased with their was I!  My hubby braved Joanns and got me a new is more complicated than my old one so I will actually have to read the manual this go round, but I love it (and him of course too!)  Trying to cook Christmas dinner with one hand was around 9am I stood up and whacked my head on the corner of one of the cabinet doors in the kitchen...I don't know how it didn't break my head open considering it is still sore and the bump hasn't gone away yet!  With a pretty good headache and only 1 good hand I managed to get dinner made...pork roast, sweet potato madness, mashed potatoes for my daughter, gravy, biscuits, fresh green beans, and rice pudding.

Monday, Tuesday, and today have flown by...I have not felt well at all the past few days.  I think it is a combination of too many sweets that I usually do not consume, not enough fruits, veggies, water, or activity, or sleep, and my hand and head injuries.  I had decided to take a short break from WW...still being mindful, but not tracking or calculating...the break happened, but the mindfulness went out the window.  Even with the best intentions, when I don't feel good and I am too tired, I don't do well.  I have eaten more nonsense in the past few days than I have since I joined WW.

Today I did get back to tracking and I also entered everything online.  Using my paper tracker and WW online keeps me accountable and gives me more options to see what I am really doing...good or bad.  Even though I did eat more peanut M & M's than I should have today, I did track them and realized that no one in the house needed them so I made the choice to throw the rest out instead of keeping them as temptation or eating them myself.  As they were pouring out of the dish into the trash bag, I was thinking how wasteful it was to throw them away, but then I figured it was better to fill the trash than to fill myself!  I went over 17pp today, in addition to how many I had already gone over since Saturday.  I am not waiting for Saturday to start fresh.  Tomorrow is a new day, and I will do my best to get through it in a healthy manner.  I will eat well, drink my water, track everything, get in some activity, and look forward rather than back.  I have come too far to turn back now...

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