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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Time flies...

...when you have too much to do!  I cannot believe tomorrow is already Friday!  I have been so busy this week and have not been to the gym once.  I have realized this week amidst all of the chaos that they gym is the only place I can go where I do not think of anything except for what I am doing...I miss the release that going to the gym or taking a walk outside allows me.  Our holiday season will be over by more gifts to stress over, no more crafts to work on under a deadline, and no more holiday meals.  I have one more week of freedom for school and I want to make the most of it...which will include going over my new 2012 WW materials and getting to the gym!

I am not sure what the scale is going to say this week, but I will take it for what it is.  I have not stopped to take a breath in days, but I have also not, pp values-no.  I am being more lax about what I am eating than I have been since I started WW, but I am still very aware of what I am eating.  I have enjoyed a few holiday goodies, but definitely not even close to what I might have eaten in the past.  I love feeling like I am in control, even when I am not completely on plan.

Tomorrow is another daughter and I are off to get my husband's truck windows tinted for Christmas...I tried my best to make up a good story as to why I needed his truck...I almost got away with it, but he figured me out...I am not good at lying and he just knows me all too well!  While the windows are being done, my daughter and I will take a walk to the mall to have lunch and brave Build-A-Bear.  On the menu...tons of salad with veggies and fat free honey mustard dressing & some broth based soup.  Might have a bite or two of something really good...we'll see.  

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