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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Today was a good day, busy, but good.  After dropping the kids off at school I went to the gym, I got there super early so I hopped on the elliptical for 15 minutes before class...probably not the best idea since it was a step class, but I made it through to the end and I felt quite accomplished afterward.  I went home for a quick shower and a protein shake and then I was off to a friend's to be her model while she went through Mary Kay training.  If I was working, and had enough money, I would certainly buy some of their product, but at this point and time, beauty products are not a priority.

After my few hours of beauty, I was off and running once again.  I stopped by Subway for a late 8pp Roasted Chicken Sandwich on wheat with tons of veggies, no sauce, and no cheese.  It was good and had the taste of goodness rather than guilt.  Then it was off to pick up my daughter, a quick trip to Sam's Club, and a quick trip to the grocery.  We saw one of my daughter's classmates and his cute little sister at the grocery...I love how excited the kids are to see me...always...they do not seem to have a care in the world and I forget about life's nonsense when I am around them.

When we got home I made my version of In-N-Out...cheeseburgers with grilled onions and fries with diced grilled onions and melted american cheese...I even made "spread" with fat free sour cream, ketchup, and relish.  I will be sure to take photos next time I make it because the meal really is delicious and tastes as naughty as it "isn't".  My whole meal came out to 12pp.

After dinner, my daughter and I made flourless peanut butter cookies that my son needed for school tomorrow.  They turned out really good, and when I put them into the WW Recipe Builder, they came out to be 3pp for 1 cookie, or 1pp for 1/2 of a cookie.  I opted for 1/2 as I had used exactly all of my pp for the only put me 1pp over and I was good with that, especially since I worked so hard at the gym this morning and ate well the rest of the day.  Molly says "the cookies are DELICIOUS...I mean it"!

After cookies I made the second round of dinner for my hard working husband, I was so satisfied from my dinner that I wasn't even tempted to eat one fry...yeah!!!  Next on the list was helping my daughter with her homework, and now it is 9:30pm, and I am finally off to bed.  I am trying hard to get more sleep, every extra minute counts!

Tomorrow I will walk or elliptical and then Zumba.  After a shower I will be off to help at my daughter's school...home to work on my dinner...and then take my kids to a "reunion" with my old coworkers.  Another busy day, but one more closer to the end of this week...

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