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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

LA Shopping District...

Sunday I ate well, resisted a ton of temptation, and walked for miles.  by the end of the day only used 8 of my weeklies...amazing considering we were not home most of the day!  We ate breakfast at home and then headed to the swapmeet for fruit...the past few weeks they have had the best oranges and cherries...super sweet and a great price!  I like going to the swapmeet because my husband can look at stuff and my daughter and I get a good walk.  There is a couple there that sells chicken on a is marinated, boiled, and then finished on the grill.  I have no idea what they use in their marinade, but it is sooo good!  One day I brought one home so I could weigh it and figured you get two skewers for 3pp...good deal for sure!  They are all white meat so there is no weirdness or unidentifiable chicken parts...yeah!

On our way to the swapmeet we decided to take a trip to LA's shopping district.  We had been talking about going for months and never made the time.  I love spontaneous trips...the kids and I  go random places from time to time, but my husband is usually working.  We ran home to pack some fresh fruit and string cheese and collect some things for my daughter to do in the car.  I have got to be one of the most directionally challenged people is amazing I don't get lost more than I do.  I called my trusty friend Lisa for directions and we were fine until we got off the freeway and went to wrong way.  Since my husband was driving we got back on track quickly and found a $5 parking lot.  Depending where you are the parking can be super pricey.        

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