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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weigh in...

I think it is time for a new bathroom scale because last week I was sure I had maintained and I gained 1.2...this week I was once again sure I maintained and I was down 1.6!?!?

My running total...78.2 ~ Not bad for my 1 year anniversary with WW.  I had hoped to be down 100 by today, but that goal was changed awhile ago since it was no longer realistic.  I have now changed that goal to May day after my 35th birthday.  I am about half way to my goal weight so if I can lose as much this year as I did last year I should be to my ultimate goal by next February.  I have 10 weigh-ins to lose just over 20 pounds and reach my 100 pound goal.  I am getting back to my old WW self with how I think about food, tracking 100%, and not going over my dailies / weeklies.  Monday I will finally get back to the gym and I have planned time to go 5 days this week...hopefully the scale will reflect my efforts!

Today was a good eating day.  I drank plenty of water, ate plenty of fruits and veggies, and only used 9 of my weeklies.  Each time I ate today I really thought about if I was truly hungry or wanted to eat for another reason than hunger.  A few times I drank water or chewed gum instead...I am going to do the same tomorrow and try to really listen to my body and eat when I am hungry.  As our WW leader Dawn always says "food only fixes hunger".

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