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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More of LA...

I must have reached the maximum typing characters in my last post... sister-in-law and niece came to visit last week and had gone to LA to buy some hit fix crystals.  I had a doctors appointment or I would have met them there.  I was so excited to go to the store they went to because the selection and prices were awesome.  We found the store pretty quickly only to find it is closed on Sundays.  We found a store a few doors down that was a little more expensive and had a much smaller selection.  I bought just a few bags of the stones and some adhesive / transfer paper to make my own designs.  We also found a fabric store that was having a sale on Embroidery Sewing Machine thread...$ 1.60 for 5000 yards.  I spent $ 38 on 22 spools.  If I would have bought the same quantity at a regular store, even with a 50% coupon, I would have spent over $ 400...super good deal!  Oh, and I have the best husband EVER!  He can fill a cart faster than me for sure.  After we had picked a bunch of colors I went back through and eliminated some. He was very patient...and so was my daughter!

We walked through the streets and shops for hours...every 10 paces there was a hot dog cart selling bacon wrapped hot dogs...on every corner there was a churro vendor...oh the horror!  My daughter and I shared mini churros...2 for $ 1...they were so good we stopped for another pp - 7...and worth every one. We ended up going to Taco Bell for lunch since it was the only place I would be able to figure the pp values.  For Lent I gave up white bread which includes flour tortillas.  Until that day I had never realized that the majority of Taco Bell items include flour tortillas.  I opted for a chicken salad with extra chicken and without tortilla strips.  It came in a golden fried tortilla shell, but I did not even have one bite of it.  I shared my chicken with my daughter and she had her usual...regular nachos.  I was tempted to have a few of her chips, but due to my Lent vow, I did not...yeah!

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