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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 5...Not so bueno...

I do not like heat inside or was smokin' hot...well over 100 and it was already 90 by 10am.

I had about 30 minutes this morning to work on more pillowcases then I was off to take my mom to her exercise class.  Since my foot still hurts, I sat in the car and read a magazine...something I rarely take the time to do.

We got home, I made lunch...turkey / avocado sandwhiches and soup.  Then I watched the movie New Years was similar to Valentines Day...I loved them both. 

After the movie I picked my daugther up from school, we went to Sam's Club, picked up my son, and were back home around 3:30pm.  My daughter and I worked on her homework and then the dinner chaos began. 

There are 6 of us...myself, my parents, my kids, and my husband.  My kids, mom, and I are pretty easy, my husband is almost easy, and my dad is the total opposite of easy.  If it were just my dad or my husband, cooking would be alot easier, but since they are both is not.  I planned on making something that everyone would eat, but once I started cooking it I realized there wasn't enough for everyone.  I finished it up so my husband could eat it for dinner and lunch and then attempted to make something else for everyone else.  I was so hot and frustrated, but I finally got everything done.  I ended up eating the rest of my weeklies and 5pp on top of that.  In mid-bite, I stopped myself and asked "Why am I doing this?" answer..."Because I was hot, tired, and frustrated, NOT because I was still hungry".  I threw that bite in the trash along with the rest of the food I had planned to eat.

Was today the best day? No.  Did I stop myself shortly after I lost control? Yes.

I have to remember I have had the bad eating habits that I do for the majority of my life.  It will take time to change those habits, but I know I will do it.  Just as my life has not taken a straight path, neither will my weight loss journey.  The quicker I am able to get back on track, the quicker I will reach my goal. 

Did I fall off the WW wagon today?  Nope.  I simply sat too close to the edge and let my feet dangle.  When I stopped eating, I replanted myself firmly right back on that wagon.

Day 6 - I am ready...

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