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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 6...

My daughter woke up with a cold this morning so I kept her home from school.  She is in 3rd grade and I know there are too many kids that get sent to school when they are goods because their cooties spread super fast.  She was feeling much better this evening, and I am hoping after a good night's rest, she is feeling well enough to go to school tomorrow...we'll see.  I went to her Back to School Night...I really like her teacher and can hardly wait to start volunteering in her class. 

Since my daugther was sick, I spent most of the day taking care of her and also some time hanging out, and watching Lifetime movies, with my mom while my daughter took a nap.

Eats were good today, activity...not so much.  Today was my first ActiveLink day since I completed the assessment yesterday.  I am bummed I only earned 1 activity pp and only made it to 84% of my daily goal.  My goals for tomorrow are to have another successful eating day and to reach 100% on my ActiveLink.

One more day until weigh in...woo hoo!  Week 1...almost complete!

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