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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cheaper to sleep on the floor...

The day started with lots of laundry and house cleaning.  My husband was supposed to go to the swap meet with his friend.  This morning when my husband called him, he said he wasn't feeling well.  This translated into my daughter and I going with the hubby to the swap meet.

We were looking for a phone case for my husband's phone, and a rubber cover for my daughter's iPod...she bought it from her brother for $50...he bought it on eBay for $ has been well used!  Randomly we found a new mattress and actually went back a few hours later to get it.  Our old mattress was broken down and most days I would wake up with a kink in my neck which would give me a headache.  Buying a mattress is difficult.  If it hadn't been 100 degrees I would have taken a nap on each one to be able to decide which one felt the best.  I'm not sure how it happened but we ended up with a SUPER firm.  When my husband, kids, and I all tried to jump on it, with a running start, we all landed like we had belly flopped right into the floor!  I am hoping that I get used to it quickly because there is no option to take it back.  My husband really doesn't care what he sleeps on so he wasn't much help in the picking out the right mattress process.  I'm hoping to wake up tomorrow refreshed and pain free....and not feeling like I slept on the floor all night as it would be much cheaper to sleep on the floor instead of buying a new mattress that gives a similar effect!

With our two trips to the swap meet and lots of laundry and house cleaning, I definitely got in some good activity today.  My eating was good too!  I did use a lot of my weeklies yesterday and today, but I tracked EVERYTHING and am happy with my choices!

Tomorrow is another day to get some more activity in and make more good food choices.  I am going to lose weight this week...and the next week...and the next!    

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