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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Still on track, almost to weigh in...

Well yesterday was SUPER busy!  I got to the gym and sat on the spin bike to make sure I could handle it and I was so excited that I was not sore...woo hoo!!!  Since I was there so early I decided to start spinning rather than get on the treadmill before class.  I ended up spinning for 20 minutes before class and then spinning 65 minutes during class.  It was such a hard workout, but I felt so good after...physically and mentally.  I ate really well yesterday even with a bit of unplanned madness.  I walked for 62 minutes at my daughter's track practice and when we got home my husband decided he wanted tacos for dinner.  He eats super late and I know it isn't good for him, but after 8 years, it is not worth discussing anymore.  Anyway...I was physically hungry by the time I was finished walking so I decided to use my last 4 weeklies on 2 mini pastor tacos.  They come with 2 tortillas on 1 taco so I took 1 off of each taco...this made the pp value for both tacos 4...exactly what I had to work with.

I still weigh myself every single day, I know I shouldn't but the harder I try not to, the more I think about it.    The scale had been going down steadily all week and then this morning I was up .5.  How does this happen when I did everything right yesterday including eating well, drinking water, and exercising twice in one day!?!?!  I was so mad and the first thought that came to mind was "I give up".  What I am working so hard for if the scale isn't going to show my efforts?  Those thoughts lasted about 30 seconds and then changed to "I am not going to give up!  I have worked far too hard this week!  I know what I did right and if the scale doesn't reflect my efforts then so be it!"  With this attitude I dropped the kids off at school and headed for the gym to take the step / weight class.  Just as we were about to start class my husband called.  He needed me to meet him at Urgent Care because he hurt his arm at work.  Being the good wife I am I put my step and weights away and left.  The girls at the gym were teasing me for leaving, but my husband does a lot and doesn't ask for much so when he asks I do my best to answer.  His arm will be ok, but needs to take it easy for a few weeks.

My son had a minimum day and I had planned to take him to Subway for lunch.  He decided he would rather eat Panda Express for lunch rather than dinner since he has a track meet today.  I ate string bean chicken, mushroom chicken, 1/5 of my chow mien, and 1 fortune pp...14.  I have 11 left for the rest of the day and still have one more trip to Panda Express for dinner.  I will probably just have chicken and veggies and for sure stay within my pp.  I am hoping that the extra salt will not show tomorrow.  I will drink a lot of water throughout the remainder of the day.  Still a ton of things to do so I am off to get my busy on!


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