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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weigh in...

Well...not fantastic, but could have been worse!  If I had weighed in last week, this week would have been a loss.  However, since I did not weigh in last week...I was up 3.2.  My total lost is now back down to 76 pounds.  I am so frustrated with myself that I have allowed some poundage to creep back, but I do not feel like I am totally out of control.  I am more or less maintaining...up a few, down a few, and so on.  Maintaining would be great if I were 80 pounds lighter than I am now, but since I am not, I need to get back to losing on a weekly basis.

Today I went to the combined Saturday meeting for the first time.  There were so many people there...quite a few familiar faces, but several that I have never seen.  I really miss our regular Saturday meeting group.  We are now at a new location which replaced two previous locations.  It is was it is and I will not let that change throw me off.

Today was a long day.  I know I am tired and if I had not needed to get up for WW, it would have been a great day to sleep in.  I will be sure to turn off the alarm tonight so we can sleep in a bit tomorrow.  I got quite a bit of scrapbooking done today.  Our Easter was not super exciting, but we had some good pictures...9 pages worth.  I wanted to eat so many times throughout the day when I was not even hungry.  I opted for water, gum, and some fruit here and there.  It is now the end of the day.  I tracked everything and only used 6 of my weeklies.  My husband was gone all day today helping a friend do some repairs to his new house.  He will be gone tomorrow as well.  I plan on staying home all day tomorrow, doing laundry, working on PTA and getting the final crafts ready for my daughter's birthday party next Sunday.  I will use my weeklies tomorrow if I need to, but I would rather save them to use throughout the week.  I think my problem lately has been that I use them all by Sunday and then continue to go over my daily pp throughout the week.  I really want to see that scale go down by Friday's meeting.  I did not get in any exercise today, but I still consider it to have been a pretty good day!

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