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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where have you gone?

Dear my former WW self,

You started your WW weight loss journey the end of February.  You were are on a losing streak until October when your mom joined.  Your journey was no longer your own, you had to work for your weight loss, as well as hers.  You tried your hardest, getting from the 70's to the 80's took a long time, but you did it!  By Christmas, you were at the lowest weight you have been in years,  I was so proud of you!  December & January brought many obstacles and struggles...a dog bite, your dad's stroke, daily visits to the hospital, and increased worry that you are still burdened with.  The focus you had before all of these things happened was remarkable...inspirational.

I am not sure where you have gone, but I need you back.  I need your focus, your drive, your determination, and your dedication to yourself and to Weight Watchers.  I am already half way to my goal, but I still have a long way to go to conquer the remaining half.  Please come back and help me make my way through the rest of my journey.

I know my current struggles will pass and I will get back on track.  What I need help with is staying on track.

Loving me along the weigh...enough not to give up...

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