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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What on earth!?!?

So yesterday started out pretty well, even though I never made it to the gym.  In the afternoon I don't know what happened, but I was having a carb attack...white bread, flour tortillas, and pasta were all present and all far too willing to jump right into my mouth!  We ended up having pizza for dinner since I had not planned anything.  I did not have too many pieces, but with everything else I ate throughout the day I was totally off track!

Today was very similar to yesterday.  My daughter stayed home from school again, no gym or exercise, I ate well in the morning and early afternoon, I drank plenty of water, and then I don't know what happened!  A little left over pizza, some fruit (good choice), and a flour tortilla with yogurt butter.  Not too bad except that was all before dinner.  Dinner in itself was not bad, but again...on top of everything else, it all adds up!  Dinner consisted of two flour tortillas, mozzarella cheese, and shredded chicken breast that I cooked all day in the crock pot with a can of red enchilada sauce. When my husband got home, I realized I had never gone to the grocery store.  On my way there I was satisfied from dinner but was contemplating buying Reese's Peanut Butter cups.  My previous losing WW self would buy candy, but only if I had enough pp to spend on them.  I made it through the grocery store, and by the time I got to the register I had convinced myself that I could have them another day when I have pp available...that was a good choice for sure...yeah me!  When I got home, my mom and daughter were having ice cream.  For about 30 seconds I was tempted to have some myself, but once again talked myself out of it.  I can have ice cream long as I have pp!

My daughter is 100% better and will be back to school tomorrow.  I will drop her off from school and head straight to the gym for a walk on the treadmill and some hard work in spin class.  I am going to plan all of tomorrow's meals tonight and "pack" lunch in containers so I am not tempted to change my mind, except for snacks, and see if that helps keep me on track!  I have got to do something to get past this nonsense!

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