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Friday, April 27, 2012

Weigh in...

I was up 3.4 pounds.  I am ok with that gain only because by Tuesday this week I was 5 pounds heavier than today's weight.  I worked super hard yesterday and Wednesday and that hard work did show on the scale even though I ultimately gained for the week.

Yesterday after a crazy class at the gym involving a ton of squats and puddles of sweat, I decided I had not had enough torture for the day.  At my daughter's track practice I decided to walk and go up and down the stairs in the bleachers for 1/2 hour.  As a result of all of my activity yesterday, my legs are feeling the fury today!  With every step, and every act of sitting down or getting up, I feel the effects of my hard work.  That feeling has made today successful when it came to eating.  I drank plenty of water, ate a ton of fruits and veggies, and only used 6 of my weeklies.

Tomorrow my daughter has another track meet.  It is only about 20 minutes away so it will be nice not to have to travel very far.  We will get there about 8am and not be done until the late afternoon.  I went grocery shopping today and will pack a ton of healthy snacks and lunch.  I want to be prepared for the long day and not be tempted by the nonsense at the snack shack.  Even though I can track on my phone, I think taking my paper tracker helps keep me on track even tomorrow I will take it, just as I did when I was out today!  As much as I love technology, I think I love writing things down on paper, with a pen even more...

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