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Monday, April 23, 2012

Weigh In...

I wrote a post on Friday, and thought I published it...but it is no where to be found!?!?!  I was down 2.8 on happy for a loss, had hoped for a bit more with how hard I worked last week and how well I ate, but all in all I am happy!

It is now Monday afternoon.  Friday - Sunday were not the best eating days...Friday was super busy working on my daughter's birthday party stuff.  Saturday was a track meet about an hour away.  My daughter got 2 PR's (personal records), her first since she joined exciting!  Saturday afternoon and evening consisted of cleaning house and more party prep.  Sunday...lots of cooking, a fabulous party, and clean up.

This morning I was planning on going to spin class, but my daughter stayed home from school with a cold so I decided to take a rest day.  I have done pretty well eating today, although my body really needs some exercise.  She is feeling better so I think she should be able to go back to school tomorrow which will give me time to go to the gym.  Hopefully the rest of the day is quiet and restful... 

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