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Monday, November 7, 2011

Code Red...

Today was my 5th or 6th spin class, and I am in love.  The 1st class I didn't think I was going to last for 5 minutes, but I made it to the end without stopping.  The 2nd class was definitely better than the 1st, but I was still unsure.  By the 3rd class I finally found the confidence I needed to enjoy myself and own my workout.  Our instructor is awesome, he is encouraging throughout the whole class, and when he shouts "Code Red", everyone gives him all they've got and pushes as hard as possible.  My best advice is to try something new at least three times.  The 1st time to get over the initial shock, the 2nd time to really think about it, and the 3rd time to decide yay or nay.

Same thing goes with food...although with some foods I can't even get past the first things differently or eating them cooked vs. raw and vice versa can make a huge difference.  There are some foods like quinoa and brown rice that I am still trying to convince my mouth I like.  Growing up I never liked sweet potatoes.  Recently I found individual sweet potatoes sealed in heavy plastic that can be cooked in the microwave.  They only take about 5-6 minutes and if cooked long enough, they come out soft and creamy.  I add a little Brummel and Brown yogurt butter, sea salt, and pepper...delish!  My 14 year old son will eat them that way now, but my 7 year old daughter is not quite there yet.  She loves "potato" anything...mashed potatoes, french fries, scalloped potatoes, baked potatoes, tator tots, etc...but is not excited about sweet potatoes...yet...

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