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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Woo Hoo's & Struggles...

Woo Hoos...

  • I have lost 76.6 far...
  • I am working on making more time for myself.
  • I donated all of my old clothes because they were all too BIG!
  • My wedding ring is loose and I had to switch it to the other time I will have to take it off altogether...and once I reach my goal weight I will have it sized.
  • I have survived and learned to love Zumba, Spin, and Miami Mama classes.
  • The more I work out, the stronger I feel.
  • Even on "eaty" days, I still track everything...even when I have to dip into my activity PointsPlus to account for it all.


  • Fitting in "me time".
  • Learning to say no when I already have far too many things to do.
  • Cooking too many different meals to accommodate everyone's schedules and tastes.
  • Getting through my last semester of has been so steady, I am burnt out.
  • Helping my mom be a Weight Watcher without throwing off my own efforts.
  • My body is sore from working out so much.
  • The more I work out, the hungrier I feel...the past two weeks have been rough and I have eaten the majority of my hard earned activity PointsPlus.
There are many other woo hoo's and struggles, but these are the ones I have thought most about this week.  I love that Weight Watchers focuses on 1 week at a time...sometimes finally getting to the end of one week is just what I need to have the umph and desire to start the next one.

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