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Monday, November 14, 2011

To McRib, or not to McRib...

Today was super busy!  It started with a 60 minute spin class...woo hoo!  Then I spent a bit of time at the grocery figuring PointsPlus on some new foods.  I did not find anything new and exciting.  The afternoon and evening consisted of hours of PTA Treasurer duties, a PTA meeting, doing laundry and picking up around the house.

Usually on PTA meeting nights I plan dinner ahead and we eat before we go.  Tonight I had so much to prepare for the meeting that I did not have time to think about dinner.  By the time we got home, it was almost 8pm.  My mom, kids, and I usually eat dinner around 5pm, so 8pm is super late!  My daughter decided on McDonald's, my husband wanted tacos, my mom had already eaten, and my son was off doing something for school.  I had 13pp left for the day, which is the exact number of pp of a McRib sandwich.  As we are driving to the golden arches, I am trying to quickly figure my options...A fries, no drink...13pp or 4 mini tacos de pastor...12 points.  Although the colorful and juicy picture of the McRib was convincing, I decided it was too late and I was too tired for such a treat...I even asked the guy in the drive-thru how long they would have them to make sure I still had time...I have until the end of month, apparently.  My final choice...3 mini pastor tacos with only 1 tortilla each and onions and cilantro...6pp, 1/2 cup cottage cheese w/ strawberry preserves...3pp, and an ice cream cone from McDonald's...4pp.  Although I could have had the McRib for the same number of points, I think I made some better choices especially considering it was so late!

I got in my activity today, did not eat any of my activity points, and only ate one of my weeklies....tomorrow will start with a good walk to let my legs recover from today's spin class.

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