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Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 72...Unexpected Guest...

Sunday started off well.  I got up early, took a shower, and had a small breakfast.  My hubby took me, and my trike, to the bike trail and I rode 6 miles.  The weather was perfect, my music was good, and all was well.  I really love riding my bike and will be so excited once we figure on a trailer or something so I can take it to the bike trail myself. 

Late Saturday night my husband told me his mom was coming for the day (Sunday) and staying the night.  Her visits are always high speed in terms of cooking and talking.  My daughter was not feeling well and I had planned to have a quiet day, but she insisted on coming anyway.

Around 10am my daughter and I went to pick my mom up from church and came home to my husband and mother-in-law's arrival. 

She asked what we were cooking...I told her nothing. 

She asked where we were going...I told her no where. 

Why couldn't she see my daughter didn't feel well and needed her mommy?! 


Shortly after she decided she needed to go to Wal-Mart...she insisted I go...I told her no. 

My husband decided he would take her and give me, and my daughter, and break...thanks, husband!  He really is a great guy!

Shortly after they left my husband called to tell me they were also going to the swapmeet...good! 

In the background my mother-in-law asked if I wanted to go...I told her no.

They were gone for hours and hours.  My daughter and I watched movies as I flipped through cookbooks planning the menu for my son's 16th birthday party which he finally decided he wanted to have.

When they got home, she was ready to cook.  I had already planned dinner and decided I would continue to stand my ground and cook it myself.  Sometimes her insistence is too much, and I like to cook alone especially since our kitchen is not very big. 

I made Milanesa (thin pieces of beef breaded and fried in very little oil), I heated up some beans she had made and we froze last time she was here.  I also whipped up some creamy guacamole and grilled some small rolls with yogurt butter and Lipton's Onion Soup Mix.  It is very difficult to determine the pp for the Milanesa so instead of guessing or not tracking at all like I often do when I make it, I cooked up some chicken breast chunks and didn't even have 1 bite of Milanesa...woo hoo.

The day was kind of eaty, thinking about my mother-in-law and anticipating her return, but I did track everything and did not feel bad about my choices by the end of the day...a first for me in a long time when she is here!

I used 30 of my weeklies which left me with 18.  I earned 7pp and reached 125% on my ActiveLink, and I am proud of my food, movement, and dealing with a an unplanned visit from the Suegra (mother-in-law)!

Day 72...Success!

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