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Monday, November 19, 2012

Days 85, 86, & 87...

Day 85...The party was great!  My son put his big TV in the patio, we figured how to get the food out there too, 2 of his friends, some family, and our new neighbors all came.  The food turned out and everyone loved the new recipes.  The cake was a hit too...I think my son was in shock and took awhile to process it.  By the end of the day I earned 12pp and reached 166%.  I did not eat much during the day, or the party, because I was too busy running around "hostessing".  Near the end of the party I showed off my trike to some family who wanted to see it.  My niece's husband fixed my brakes and rode it up our street all the way to the top.  It gets pretty steep about 4 houses from the top, and I can only make it to the 3rd one.  I tried about 5 times, and finally got off of my bike and walked it the rest of the way to the top.  My son did it once and made he should, he is only 16!  And my niece's husband is only in his early 20's, so they both should have been able to smoke this 35 year old!  I will keep at it and one day make it to the top.  It was dark and sprinkling some during the "trike" event, but it was still fun.

Day 86...Even though I don't drink, I must have had a party hangover!  I was so tired, as were my kids, hubby, and mom.  We had a bit of a lazy day.  I did not earn any pp and only reached 59%.  I ate a bit of left overs throughout the day not knowing what I really wanted.  I think I was more tired than hungry...oh well, didn't do too bad considering.  Since yesterday was my son's actual birthday I took him to Best Buy so he could use some of his birthday $ and gift cards.  I also made him some spice cupcakes, since that is that cake flavor he decided on too late...2 days before his birthday!  He and my daughter spent the day playing video games in the patio.  My son bought himself a new cell phone...I gave him my "upgrade" to use.  He gave his old phone to my daughter to use for the Internet.  They are both over the moon!

Day 87...I had planned to walk this morning but my daughter's cough was crazy last night.  I think it is hanging on because we always have a ton of things going on with little time to rest.  I kept her home and she stayed in bed all day, except for when we had to take my mom to the chiropractor...we stayed in the car with blankets and read books.  She is feeling a bit better and her cough is calming down some so she is going to school tomorrow...she has Wed ~ Fri off so I really want her to go tomorrow!  I ran a few errands in the afternoon, my eats were not the best, and I have not gotten in too much activity today.  Tomorrow is a new day and will be better.

Today I finished my 12 Week ActiveLink challenge...over the 12 weeks I earned 451pp!!!  I chose to start a new challenge and upped my daily goal from 5pp to 7pp.  I have got to make sure I get my walk in everyday along with some other kind of activity as well.  I also need to pay more attention to what, when, and why I am eating so I can start losing faster.  I know it is not realistic to compare this year to last, and I won't, but I would like to lose faster than I have been.

Day 87...=/-

Onto Day 88...

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