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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 88...

This morning started out well with a good walk.  I was tired and decided to walk without hills...I am so glad I did as I ran into one of my WW buddies on the bike trail.  She walked with me a ways, we had a good chat, and then I was to my car and she headed back. 

Breakfast and my morning snack were fine.  Lunch was fine...shortly after lunch things went horribly wrong.  I don't know what comes over me sometimes that I think I need to eat a bit of this, a bit of that, and so on.  I didn't track the madness and have no idea how many pp I consumed.  Ugh.

When my husband got home from work I half seriously asked him to take me and my trike to the bike trail...without hesitation he told me yes.  He is so good to me...maybe it was because there was a fresh box of beer waiting for him in the fridge!?!?  I jumped up and changed my clothes as fast as I could.  I got to the bike trail planning to ride 6 miles.  I ended up riding 8 and the last few were fast as it was getting dark fast and I was freaking myself legs were spinning like I was a woman being chased in a LifeTime movie.

My hubby came back for me, I made dinner, ate, watched the Novela with my hubby, did dishes, and here I am.  For dinner I made lean burgers and baked fries...if I hadn't had eaten like I did earlier in the day, this dinner would have been perfect.  After dinner I thought I needed some ice cream...I stopped eating it about 3/4 of the way through. 

If I could get my eating more consistent I know that scale would move faster in the right direction.  I surely have activity down and feel like today my walk and bike ride were wiped out by my eating.  I know a huge part of my eating problem is due to lack of a good schedule and and abundance of conflict, struggle, and constant chaos.  I have got to find a good balance and figure out how to work everything in.  So far I have earned 10pp and reached 173% on my ActiveLink.

Day 88...Food...Fail...Activity...Success!

Onto Day 89...I may not be perfect, but I am far from where I started, and I am NOT giving up!

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