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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 75...I will NEVER understand the scale!

This morning I was up one pound from yesterday...I honestly thought it was going to be much more.  I am happy it wasn't.  I am hopeful it doesn't catch up tomorrow.  Yesterday I did earn 7pp and reached 121% on my ActiveLink...maybe that helped my cause a bit?

I started the day with my usual 1 egg and egg white scramble topped with ketchup.  I had 1/2 piece of toast instead of a whole slice since my daughter only wanted a 1/2.  After breakfast I fille up my dad's pill box for the week, cleared off the kitchen table, made my to do list for the day, put out some donation bags, cleaned off the front shelf, made my daughter's lunch, and we were on our way.  She was still not 100%, but I am going to school to help this afternoon so she would feel better.  I dropped her off at school and took my walk.  I was back to my faster pace and felt really good before, during, and after.

Once I finished my walk I ran into the grocery for a few things.  As I was walking to my car I realized I forgot something so I walked those groceries to the car and ran back into the store.  I got home, put away the groceries, created a last minute chart in Excel for my son, took him to school, and came back home.  Once home I cut up some bananas to freeze for "banana soft-serve" to be enjoyed after dinner.  It is now 10am and I must get started on the rest of my to do's as I only have a few hours until I leave for my daughter's school.  With as busy as I am you'd think I'd just be skinny by default!?!?

I have no where to go today except to pick my kids up from school.  I have a very busy schedule and hope that will help me stay out of the kitchen.  So much to I go!

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