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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 76...Another long day...

Last night I managed not to eat too much.  I earned 8pp and reached 128% for the day.

This morning did not start off well.  My daughter is still not feeling well, but did go to school.  It was kinda of drizzly out when I took the kids to school so I decided to skip my walk.  Once I got back home I decided I would go anyway.  First I couldn't find my shoes, then after much searching I did and I was out the door.  Right as I was almost to the bike trail I realized I didn't have my phone.  I can't be unreachable, and I really love my music to walk to, so I went back home.  I decided it just wasn't meant to happen. 

I instantly got in "clean with a vengeance" mode.  I did dishes, cleaned the stove, cleaned the outside of the fridge, dusted, started laundry, and picked up like a speed demon in efforts to clean up for the party and get in some activity. 

My daughter's school called within an hour of her getting there.  I went to pick her up.  We got home and I had to go to the valley to get my mom's friend.  It was a wet day and I don't enjoy driving in the rain, especially on the freeway, with all of the crazies that California drivers become once the first raindrop falls. 

We made it home safely and I cooked lunch for my mom, her friend, my daughter, and myself.  Once lunch was finished I dropped my mom's friend off at her hairdresser's, went to Wal-Mart, went to the bank, attempted to order my son's birthday cake, but opted to wait because it was pricey and I am not even sure how many people are coming, came home, put away what I bought, had a quick snack, started pre-cooking dinner, picked my son up from school, picked my mom's friend up, took her back to the valley, got back home, made dinner, did dishes, and here I 8pm completely wiped out and ready to drop.  My daughter is afraid she will get detention if she doesn't finish all of her make up work...I can't imagine...but who knows!?  We will do what we can tonight and I will talk to her teacher in the morning at the award ceremony.

For dinner I made a few new test recipes for my son's party.  I made mini biscuit and crescent cups filled with three different fillings.  I used a mini cupcake tin which I bought today and I already love.  I used both crescent dough and layer biscuit dough and since I really couldn't tell too  much difference I am not sure which one I will use.  For the fillings I used Jack Daniel's BBQ Pulled Pork which was premade since I knew I wouldn't have much time tonight to make it from scratch.  For my second filling I used whipped chive cream excited to finally find this flavor in the whipped version.  The third was 93% lean hamburger cooked (crumbled) with diced onions, bacon bits, mozzerella, and cheddar cheese topped with mashed potatoes.  All three turned out so good and everyone loved them except my son didn't care for the hamburger one.  He also doesn't like meatloaf, so I figure I will still serve them anyway.

Off to work on homework and fall into bed.

Day 76...Too busy...Success for food and activity +/-

Onto Day 77...

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