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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 82...

Today was another busy one.  I did not feel very well when I woke up this morning but decided to walk anyway.  I went to a hilly park and only went down and up once.  It took me only 20 minutes, and I still wasn't feeling better so I figured maybe that was enough.

When I got home I started on another project for my son's birthday.  I am not sure if I will be able to finish so it mind end up being for Christmas.  I did get all of the skewer sticks glued onto my road signs and billboards. 

I took my mom to the gym to swim and ran a few errands while she was there.  She took more time than I had planned for so I decided we would split a salad from El Pollo Loco for lunch at home.  I ordered a chopped chicken breast to add to the salad, and even split in two, it was plenty.  After we ate I went to my daughter's school to help in her class. When we got home I got back to my son's project and put away all of the evidence.  I picked him up from school, fed him, and spent hours in our craft room with my daughter working on a surprise for her teacher. 

The classroom theme is "Hawaii" and the kids decorated surfers and surf boards for their multiplication facts charts.  I mounted and hung them all, but the top of the doors looks super plain.  I cut the words "Math Facts" and x2, x3, etc., using my Cricut. I also cut some water waves, palm tree like leaves, and fish.  I am almost finished and should be able to totally finish tomorrow morning.  I would like to go tomorrow right before school is out to put it all up for her as tomorrow and Friday are Parent Teacher Conferences.  School gets out early tomorrow, but I should be able to make it.

In spite of having a short walk this morning, I have earned 6pp and reached over 120% of my ActiveLink.  I was 100% on plan as far as eating goes today too.  Hopefully the scale will show my efforts, but I really think my TOM is close.  I am going to work on being more consistent with my eating, even through stressful situations.  I will do my best.

Day 82...Success!

Onto Day 83...

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