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Monday, November 12, 2012

Days 77, 78, 79, & 80...

Friday was busy until the afternoon, and even though I had a ton to do, I tok some time to rest. 

Saturday...weigh in...I was down .6.  I am happy as it was a loss.  I have to realistic and face the fact that with the added chaos and stress in my life my weight loss is not going to be as fast as last year.  Saturday was busy and full of major house cleaning, shopping, and party prep.  I did not track pp, but I did note what I ate...and it was not a super eaty day...yeah!

Sunday...Another super busy day of cleaning, shopping, and party prep.  We also took my mom to the pool in the afternoon and I took the kids to Kohls to get my son some new shoes and shorts.  I did not track pp, but I did note what I ate...and it was not a super eaty day...again...yeah!  The day ended badly with a fight with my dad.  I don't know if he has Alzheimer's or Dementia, or a little bit of both.  When we moved in, 5 long years ago, my husband built a shed in the backyard.  We asked my dad and he said we could.  We poured cement and made two for my husband's tools and such, and one for our household items and my craft stuff.  My dad is rarely outside, but for some reason yesterday he was.  He saw the shed and demanded it be taken down.  He also said we did not ask permission to put it up and he is also convinced we just recently put it up and does not believe it has been there for 5 years.  It is so difficult to deal with someone who doesn't remember things as they happened.  I know he is old, but he has always been heartless and mean.  With age, it is getting worse.  Shortly after our fight started, my husband calmly came and got me.  I went back to the kitchen to finish the dishes and I couldn't breathe.  I don't know if it was a panic attack, or what, but it was scary and I am glad it passed.  Living in this environment is really taking a toll on my mind, body, and spirit.  I just wish things would get better, but I have a feeling they are going to get worse first.

Monday...Today I woke up tired after last night's episode.  I have tons to do at home, as usual, but I think I am going to take the day off, head up the freeway, and wander through the mall with my daughter.  They have different stores up that way, and it will be nice to get out.  I will ask my mom is she wants to go.  My to do list for today can wait until tomorrow.  Thankful today for all of the soldier's and their families.  When there is so many sacrifices and lives lost in the military, it really makes me wonder how my dad can't be more thankful for what, and who, he has. 

Onto Day 81... 

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