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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 101...

My daughter was still sick and stayed home from school again...I have tried everything the pharmacy suggested for her cough and finally took her to the doctor.  Just as I figured she didn't want to give her anything.  I explained that she coughs all day and night and can't even sleep...finally she prescribed some cough medicine with codeine.  Our local pharmacy is a hot mess and after waiting forever, I finally had to leave to pick up my son.  Because they did not get the medicine ready in time she could only take it once last night.  Today I will give it to her right after school and again at bed time and hopefully she will get better quickly.

I went to visit my dad by myself yesterday.  He wants to come home but it is not my decision.  He was not being very nice and I had to leave so I would make it back up the freeway to get my son from school.  I asked the nurse about the staples in his head and she said she would take them out before the end of the day.  I wonder if they would have taken them out if I had not asked!?!?  Today was Day 10 since they were put in.

My mom's doctor's office called and they think she has a fracture in her leg from the fall.  They wanted her to come in, but not until the 12th!  I was furious that they would wait so long.  After a few phone calls they scheduled her for tomorrow morning at 8am...then decided the doctor wouldn't be in at that time...what the heck!?!?!  We are going at 10am and will hopefully get some answers and get her fixed up if need be.

I did not walk in the morning because my daughter was sick, I had some major grocery shopping to do, and I had to see my dad.  My daily eats were not too bad in quantity, but I did have quite a bit of bread in the afternoon and evening.  By 10pm I was to 98% on my ActiveLink so I did some toe touches and cross punches while I watched the time I went to bed I reached 104% and earned 4pp for the day.

Day 101...=/-

Onto Day 102...

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