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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 115...Busy...

Today is Tuesday, Day 116...for the first time EVER, I have been the same exact weight since Saturday...3 days of the same number on the scale!  I am thrilled because I have not tracked or taken any long walks.  I have reached, or exceeded 100% on my ActiveLink everyday, which means I have been active.  I have also been mindful of what I am eating, and I have been far too busy to sit and eat just to eat.  Usually during a busy, eaty day I am in the kitchen grabbing a quick something several times throughout the day.  This week has been different!  Even when I was making my chocolate dipped gifts, when one would break or not turn out right, instead of eating it I threw it in the trash...woo hoo!  While wrapping presents I did eat 1 mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cup and 1 cherry lollipop, but I was so in control...yeah!

Today will be another busy one and I am planning on getting the rest of our presents wrapped...yesterday morning I spent too much time talking with my mom before I got started wrapping and then my son had a half day at school which I forgot about.  I had to abort "operation wrap presents", clean up my mess, and go get him.  Oh least I was able to hide the evidence!

Day 115...Success!

Onto start Day 116...

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