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Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 128...

Today was a busy day!  My hubby finished the trailer for my bike and we took it on it's first trip tot he bike trail with my trike, his bike, and my daughter's bike.  We had a few mishaps along the hubby's bike tried to escape (we restrapped it down before it could), the hitch sounded loose (we checked it and it was ok), the tie downs for my trike were super tight because we put air in the tires after strapping the bikes down (my hubby whacked at it and it came loose), near the end of our ride there were some crazy winds that came out of nowhere, once we decided to turn back it started to rain.  Although it wasn't perfect, we laughed alot and had a good time!

Today was another eat just to eat day...I wish I knew what triggered these kinds of days so I could flip the switch the other way!

My daughter and I spent alot of time playing Just Dance on my son's XBOX.  I earned 8pp for the day and reached 136%!

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