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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 121...Busy & Eaty...

This morning I took my daughter and mom to church.  It was a nice service and I know my mom was happy to be there and see many of her friends.  When we got home I got busy in the kitchen.  I made homemade pizza for lunch, banana bread to use up some ugly on the outside ~ nice on the inside bananas, some cake-like chocolate chip cookies, and some double chocolate cookies.  It has been kind of an eaty day with bits of this and that, here and there.  I really love the pizza I made, but next time I make it I need to start the dough sooner so the rising is done by the time I am ready to it took quite awhile so I ended up eating beforehand...and then still had pizza once it was ready. 

I am making a chicken pot pie for dinner.  At 7pm, I am taking my mom, daughter, and my daughter's friend to see Christmas lights.  My husband doesn't understand the concept of driving around looking at lights, which maybe is for the best...I can just take the girls and we don't have to rush!

Tomorrow my husband has to work all day.  I am going to get some Pansies for my mom's garden for her Christmas present from my dad.  I am also going to get her some fresh flowers for the kitchen table as part of his gift.  Tomorrow will be a busy day, but I have decided I am going to get up and take a good walk first thing.  I am to 66% on my ActiveLink and it is only 3:30pm so I am sure I will reach 100%, but I would have liked to take a walk to add to it.  I am going to try and make time to play the Wii with my daughter for some extra activity.  My husband will be off from Christmas Day until the day after New Years...I am going to make an extra effort to take my walks and ride my bike.  I want to end the year the best way I can to get a head start for the fresh, New Year just around the corner.  2013 has GOT to be better than 2012!

Day 121...A bit eaty, It will be a success!

Onto Day 122...

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