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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 117...Feeling bleh...

It is 4:45pm and I am tired and feeling bleh...

I got up super early this morning, dropped my kids off at school, went back to my daughter's school with my mom to watch the Winter Sing.  Luckily my daughter's grade was the second to sing because the program started late and my mom couldn't sit very long. 

I dropped my mom off at home, I went to Staples to make a few more copies of pictures for our Christmas cards and then went to The UPS store.  I had 7 Flat Rate boxes to mail.  Once I got them all ready, I was told they charge a "service fee" of $3 per save that $21, I thanked them, took my boxes, drove to the Post Office, and waited in line.  Even though I don't have much time, it was worth the wait!

When I got home it was almost time to pick my son up from school.  I talked with my mom a bit and then went to pick him up.  I made Patty Melts for lunch...A grilled cheese with a hamburger and grilled onions inside.  I know I have made them before, but my son was skeptical during the cooking process...after his first bite he asked, "so how often will these be on they menu?"  That means he really liked them...yeah!

Today was my dad's last visit with the physical therapist...she was here quite a while.  After she left a few of  my mom's friends stopped by for some quilt advise...after about 20 minutes I left to get my daughter...I walked again rather than waiting in valet.

I have to figure out what is for dinner and probably do some laundry...I am very tired and hope to get to bed early...I have made it to 68% on my ActiveLink...will do my best to get to 100%...I have only missed reaching it 2 days so far this month so I am 16 for 18!  My eats have been ok more or less.  I probably won't have too much for dinner...I think at this point I need rest and sleep more than I need food.  I was down a half a pound this morning after maintaining my weigh in weight every day since weigh in.  I am hoping by this week's weigh in I am down, or at least maintaining.  I know I need more rest and sleep as I am always go, go, go...

When I got back from Christmas shopping the other day, I really wanted to tell my daughter a few fun things that happened, but I couldn't because I didn't want to ruin the surprise.  When the two of us were out shopping together last night, I was very aware of how lucky I am to have such a great relationship with both of my kids.  I cannot even imagine the pain and heartache the parents and families in CT must be suffering at this very moment.  My heart aches for each and every one of them...the children and adults who lives were taken and all of their survivors.

Day 117...Success & Sadness.

Onto Day 118...

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