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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 119...Success!

Even though my day got off to a rough start, it turned out pretty well.  I ate well throughout the day and kept my walking clothes and shoes on to go shopping.  I tend to walk faster and move more when I am wearing my gym clothes.  It is 6:45pm and I am already earned 9pp and reached 144%!

I got the rest of our Christmas shopping done and just have a few more small items to wrap.  I also finished grocery shopping for our holiday dinners.  On Christmas Eve, my husband's mom and his cousin are coming for dinner.  I am going to make a spiral ham, scalloped potatoes, crescent rolls, and green bean casserole.  For dessert we are having ice cream and the chocolate cake that came in my Omaha Steak package from my uncle.  On Christmas my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew are coming to dinner.  I am making pork roast, gravy, carrots, mashed potatoes, sweet potato "fluff", caramelized mini potatoes, and parker house rolls.  For dessert we are having rice pudding with cherry pie filling and I am also making pumpkin spice cupcakes since my daughter does not like rice pudding.  I will not eat everything either meal as some things I like better than others and I am going to make mindful choices yet still enjoy myself.

My mom was having a rough afternoon as she was trying to play the piano and struggling because of her inability to sit up straight and her shaking from the Parkinsons.  I feel so bad for her and wish I could help.  My daughter and I are going to take her to church tomorrow morning, and maybe Monday too for a special Christmas Eve service.  I also want to get out and take my mom, my daughter, and her friend to see Christmas lights...I better hurry before they are all taken down!  Maybe tomorrow night?!?!

My husband had to work today and just start snoring so I am off to wrap his last present.

Day 119...Success!

Onto Day 120...

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