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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 107...Success!

Yesterday I got a ton of things done, including picking up around the house, some laundry, and a ridiculous amount of dishes.  Our dish washer was on the fritz, so I had to wash and rewash half a bazillion dishes.  I ran dishwasher cleaner through it twice today and I think it should be ok.  I am going to try a very light load to be sure. 

I ended the day earning 9pp and reached 154%!  I tracked EVERYTHING that went into my mouth throughout the ENTIRE day!  I met all of my healthy guidelines except for oil and I only used 7 of my weeklies.

Today started early with a surprise visit from Aunt Flo...the past few weeks have been so busy I didn't even realize she was on the way.  This makes me even more excited about maintaining at weigh in yesterday...that makes two months in a row that I have maintained during this time of the month...woo hoo!  The two prior months brought me a gain of 5 & 2 pounds, so maintaining in super BUENO!

I was hungry after my 6am shower so I ate breakfast while everyone else slept.  I made an "egg roll" with an egg white, shredded cheese, spinach, and a flour tortilla.  It was good and filling.  I got right to working on the laundry and within a few hours the whole house was awake.  I made pancakes and eggs with turkey sausage for everyone for breakfast.  I was hungry again so I had one small pancake with 1 turkey sausage cut up and cooked into it and topped it with 7 pecans and a bit of  light pancake syrup.  I was satisfied and didn't feel the need, or desire, to eat any more.

After I cleaned up the kitchen I went over my Christmas list for our kids.  We don't really have too many people on our list this year.  My daughter and I are going to bake some cookies and make some candy next weekend to mail off to my sibling's families and for some local friends.  We are also making paper / glitter "Merry Christmas" & "Happy Holiday" banners to send as well.  We are not sending too much for a few reasons...we can't afford to spend too much extra money this year, gifts should be received in "it's the thought that counts manner", I don't want to give too many calories to my loved ones, and TIME!

After I finished my list, my hubby and I went Christmas shopping.  He was so tired, and not super enthusiastic, so we just got the things I wanted his opinion on and I will go back and get the rest myself one day this week.  I know he is tired...I KNOW tired...however I choose to keep going.  I am glad he chose to take the day off...he doesn't do it very often, I should learn from him and do it once and a while as well.

We finished in less than an hour and a half.  We went to two stores that were in the same shopping was strange not to walk from store to store because that is what I do even when I am with my daughter, but since my hubby was so tired we drove.  Kind of neat that it seemed strange to me because a few short years ago, I would have driven and not even thought to walk...I'm counting this as a new habit and a non-scale victory!

When we got home I baked up some banana bread to use up some shabby looking bananas.  I used my stand is AMAZING!  Last time we made this same recipe my daughter used a fork to squish the bananas...this go round I popped them in the mixer and 1, 2, 3, they were awesome!

I used star shaped foil muffin "tins" for portion control and easy sharing.  Each star came to 3pp.  My daughter is taking 1 to each of her 3 teachers tomorrow.  I took some to my mom's friend, and there are some left.  The recipe made 20...not too little, not too much...just right.  I ate one today and might eat another tomorrow but I don't have feel the need, or desire, to eat any more...another non-scale victory!

My mom quit her church choir a few months ago because of her Parkenson's shaking.  My daughter and I took her to see the choir concert this was really neat.  I don't go to church, but I was kind of sad that they made quite a big deal of the offering tray and did not evening say a prayer or offer well wishes.  They had tons of sweets after, but I did not have any...not one cookies, no fudge, no candy...yeah! My mom, daughter, and I enjoyed th concert and she my mom was thankful we took her. 

By the time we were on our way home it was already 6pm, and I had not planned anything for dinner.  My mom and daughter decided on Panda Express.  I ran in while they waited in the car.  Instead of getting the "Family Feast" I got 3 Three-Item Meals so we can have more variety for the mains and it cost less anyway.  I served everyones' plate without eating anything and then carefully prepared mine.  I decided a few trips ago that I do not really like the Spring Rolls so I did not have even a bite of one.  I did have about 2 tbs of Chow Main...a ton of Broccoli from the Beef Broccoli with only 1 piece of beef, 1 piece of Orange Chicken, 1 piece of Walnut Shrimp with 1 walnut, a bit of chicken from the green bean chicken, lots of green beans, mushrooms, and zucchini, two fortune cookies, and some Diet Pepsi.  I tracked everything, was satisfied, and was not stuffed.

I ended today using 6 of my weeklies...only 13 for the entire weekend with 100% tracking...yippee!

I have earned 2pp, but have only earned 89%.  I have plenty to do so I know I will reach 100%. 

Day 107...Activity ~ Success...Food ~ Success!

Onto Day 108...

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