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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Days 119 & 120...More Tears & Weigh In...

Today was another tearful day.  Mid morning I had had enough and went for a good, long, hilly walk.  I cried most of the way, but by the time I was done I felt a bit better.  I got in a lot of activity throughout the day and even though I was already to 100% and had earned 5pp, I put laundry away piece by piece and racked up another 3pp!

In the afternoon my daughter and I went to visit my friend.  I met her in high school and her mom took care of my daughter when she was little.  We were there a few hours and it was a nice visit and break from home.  They had made a ton of cookies and had a ton of candy out.  I had one bite of my daughter's cookie and told my friend's husband not to be a "food pusher" when he told me this is the season to eat.  I am happy with my decision and combined with other good decisions I made throughout the week, and all of my activity, I was down .8 at weigh in this morning!

I am super happy with that loss because I didn't track pp at all this week...I did write everything I ate down which kept me aware, but I decided I am not going to worry about tracking pp values until January when my husband goes back to work.  I am going to make sure I am active everyday and be mindful of what I eat.

When I got home and told my mom how much I lost, she looked disappointed.  Yesterday she told me she didn't understand why I am not losing more weight.  I told her it was a combination of things...not getting enough rest, being stressed out, being upset over my dad, and the list goes on.  Comments like the one she made make me feel like a failure.  Her look this morning made me feel like crap.  For about 1/2 a second I thought about raiding the kitchen, instead I made and ate my planned breakfast and am going to get busy on my to do list.  This week last year I gained almost 3 pounds so I think a .8 loss is quite fabulous!

Day 119...Although tearful ~ Both Food & Activity ~ Success!

Day 120...It is 9:30am and I have already made it to 42% on my ActiveLink so I know activity will   
                 be good.  I am going to make my daily eats good as well...

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