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Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 121...Continued...

The chicken pot pie turned out extraordinarily delicious!  My dad and mom both had seconds.  I wanted to have seconds, and thirds, but I did was tempting to have another piece especially since everyone else did, but I stuck to my guns and put the last two pieces in the fridge.  However, after I popped the pie in the oven I did have a few spoonfuls of the extra filling...not too bad since there was no crust.

At 7pm my mom, daughter, and I went to pick up her friend.  It was their first "play date" individually, and together.  Her mom told me how nervous she was to let her go on play dates, but said she was ok we took her and when we got back, even said she could come to our house over break!  My daughter loves to scrapbook and craft and her friend does not do much of either so my daughter is making plans to teach her.  The girls had fun on our hour and half long car ride to see the lights.  There was one street, like a "t", that had one entry street and then you could turn right or left.  We waited in line for 25 minutes to turn into the street.  It was well worth the wait!  Every house, except for two, went all out.  They had lights, painted wood, blow ups, murals, stuffed toys, there were even many houses with chairs and fire pits in the driveway.  It was totally what I think the holiday season should be...coming together and being joyful!  The girls sat in the back seat taking pictures and singing Christmas songs from their Winter Sing at school.  It was so nice to hear their giggles.

Before we left my daughter and I were going to play the Wii, but both controllers' batteries needed charging.  We will make time today for sure!  Instead of Wii, I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen and the crafting the end of the night I earned 6pp and reached 116%!

Day 121...Success!

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